About the Project

The Ridge View Solar Energy Center is a proposed 350MW solar facility that will be sited on approximately 2,000 acres of private land located in the Town of Hartland and in Niagara County, New York.

The project will generate enough electricity to power 75,000 homes, provide tax and job benefits to the region, and contribute to New York State’s renewable energy targets.

Construction could start as early as 2023 (at the conclusion of permitting) and be operational 18 months thereafter. Once the project is online, it is estimated that it will contribute more than one million dollars of new revenues for the Town of Hartland, Niagara County and associated school districts every year. More than 300 jobs will be created during construction (expected to last one to two years) as well as four full time positions during operation, fostering significant long-term job growth along with other projects across the state within the renewable energy sector. Businesses that benefit from labor, services and material supply before, during and after construction include environmental consulting, project and construction management, surveying, geotech, construction services, equipment rental, landscaping, maintenance, and hospitality to name a few.

We live by our mission to deliver renewable solutions to lead the transition to a sustainable energy future.  We understand the importance of community, the value of land and the importance of deep roots.  What helps to define us is our commitment to the communities in which we operate. At the core of every EDFR project is sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Our CSR efforts do not happen in isolation. They are part of our corporate DNA. We believe that the world of energy is changing, and customers are becoming more involved in all aspects of the business. Transparency and engaging with community stakeholders is an integral part of the process.  To learn more about how we operate, check out our case study on a project.