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We know upstate New Yorkers value their land, our goal isn't to change New York but to continue to strengthen the communities in which we work by creating jobs and tax revenue.

Why Ridge View Solar?

The 350 MW solar project is estimated to create more than 300 jobs during construction and four permanent jobs.
More than $25 million in direct payments to the Towns of Hartland and Newfane, Niagara County and associated school districts in the first 20 years of operation.
The Project will safely generate enough clean, emission free electricity to power 75,000 NY households, helping protect the environment and reduce utility costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agricultural Land

Solar projects are typically sited near existing electrical infrastructure that has capacity to accommodate additional generation. Projects are also generally sited on cleared land to help facilitate project permitting. EDF Renewables recognizes the significant amount of land required to accommodate solar projects... Read More

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