Why Solar?


Watch this short video to learn more about Solar Energy and how EDF Renewables can enrich your business and community!

Economic Benefits

The Project will help bolster the local economy by providing reliable revenues to project landowners and the host communities, including the Town of Hartland, Niagara County and associated school districts. As currently proposed, the project would contribute the following economic benefits to the region:

  • More than $25 million in direct payments to the town of Hartland, Niagara County and associated school districts in the first 20 years of operation.
  • More than 300 jobs at the peak of construction. Construction is anticipated to last 12-18 months during 2024 and 2025.
  • Four full time highly skilled jobs during the 20+ year operating life of the project.
  • Opportunities possible for local businesses including in the hospitality, material supply, and construction services sectors during construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning project phases.

Environmental Benefits

The project will safely generate enough clean, emission free electricity to power ~95,000 NY households. As a responsible company that champions low carbon growth, we also consider the environment where we work and live. For example, we added several biodiversity and environmental features with our Arnprior Solar Project such as monarch butterfly conservation project, a bee and honey project, and a natural weed abatement pilot project.  Read the full case study on Arnprior here.

Community Relationship

EDF Renewables believes projects will have a better chance to succeed if we have a presence in the community and are available to respond to interests. Developing relationships early during the permitting process and continuing throughout the installation and operation of the projects creates trusting, long lasting relationships. EDF Renewables is about more than just producing clean, renewable energy for today’s world. We’re committed to providing future generations with the means to power their lives in the most economic, environmental and socially responsible ways possible.